{Shut-in Nursing Home Care Ministry}
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The Shut-In Ministry is coordinated by Wayne & Nancy Weathers.

In September 1996 God gave us a burden to reach out to a forgotten group of people. "Those who could no longer attend regular church services."

The church was always there, as needed, but to have someone check on them regularly was not being done. The pastor visited but contact from others within the church was becoming important.

With this in mind "SNHCM" was formed!

We have a select group of people who work with us, and without them we could not accomplish all that needs to be done. With their help each Shut-In is visited and/or contacted by phone on a regular basis. When needs arise we are immediately informed and those needs are met.

For Christmas we have our "Caroling - Gift Delivery Day" where, as a group, we visit each Shut-In, sing Christmas carols with them, and give them a gift from the ministry. This is a very re-warding day when we see the smiles on their faces as they join in to sing with us.

We encourage you to vist your loved ones who are now in those "Golden Years". Whether they be in a Nursing Home, Assisted Living place, or  still able to be in their own home. They were there for you so be there for them!

May God bless you is our prayer - Wayne & Nancy

Workers:Richard & Phillis Arthur
    Damarie Rivera
     James & Ann Hawkins
                    Sonja Petty
     Linda Cannon
                    Joan Weathers